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How do trees move all that water all that way up? [Veritasium]

This is a great video from Derek at Veritasium on why and how trees are able to move water up 100m. It might not be the answer you think…

Links to AHL 9.2 Transport

Hank blossoms with Plant Science

Crash Course & SciShow Hanks’s last couple of videos have been on Plant Science: transport and reproduction. Head on over to the main Plant Science AHL page  for the topic for the presentations and resources.

King Corn – we are what we eat, drink and cook with

King Corn

King Corn

This film came out about a year ago, but I saw it for the first time on the History Channel a couple of days ago. A very enlightening view of the omnipresence of corn and corn-products in our food. From corn-fed beef to corn-starch and high-fructose corn syrup (boo!), industrial production of corn is in all facets of our diet.

In the film, two friends set out to produce an acre of corn and track how it grows and where is goes. Inspired by the Omnivore’s Dilemma and in tune with other recent super-docs (Super Size Me, Food Inc., The End of the Line), King Corn is a sensitive and educational film that manages not to stray into anti-industry polemic.

This extended clip from PBS shows the first 20-minutes of the movie:

It’s amazing to see that the corn farmers can’t even feed themselves with the corn they grow – it is not fit to be eaten! Instead it is bred and grown for maximum starch output. If you get a chance, watch it.

One impactful scene explains how high fructose corn syrup came to be and how it is made. Something to surely make you think twice about the contents of the processed foods we eat. Here’s a challenge – check the labels in the supermarket and see how may products contain it.

Jonathan Drori: The beautiful tricks of flowers

Here’s a nice calming video to watch as you wait for your IB results…

One for the HL students, to tie in with 9.3 Reproduction in Angiospermophytes. Gotta love nature!

Good luck and have a great summer.


Grade 11 are starting out the course with a short “Nature of Biology” unit, made up of Statistical Analysis (and some practice with data), Classification, Evolution and a little introduction to ToK in Biology. Grade 12 are also looking at Classification at the moment, as part of the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation unit.

Here is the class presentation:

Download as pdf here: 5.5 Classification

Work through this Essential Biology 5.5 Classification as you go through the presentation.

There are some activities you can download here:

Shark ID Guide at Queensland
Shark ID Guide at Queensland

Invertebrate phyla cards and dichotomous key

Paired groups key-making activity: Spiders vs Beetles

And here are the Click4Biology notes

There is also a great Environmental Science course online here: The Habitable Planet

Have fun!

Transport in Angiospermophytes

Don’t forget the useful resources from the Plant and Soil Sciences eLibrary

Mineral uptakes from

Cell turgor animations from

Transport in plants from University of Alberta

Stomata from Terry Brown

Phloem transport from Kellogg

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