G2 Ecosystems & Biomes

Essential Biology: G2 Ecosystems and Biomes


Biomes of the world animation, from McGraw Hill

Terrestrial biomes animation, from Freeman LifeWire

Interactive Biomes of the World, with videos, from thewildclassroom.com

Interactive Biomes of the World, with videos, from thewildclassroom.com


Primary succession on a glacial moraine, from Freeman LifeWire

Forest succession, from Wiley

Forest succession, from Ecoplexity

Collection of succession animations, from Nodvin Environmental Science

Do succession and disturbance explain why we live in dangerous places?

Energy Flow

Basic pyramids, from Harcourt Schools


Here’s a short TED Talk from Graham Hill of Trehugger.com on why he’s a weekday vegetarian. When you watch it, think about how it related to issues of energy flow and the land needed to produce for a meat-eating diet.


Key words: biome, biosphere, climograph, climate, precipitation, primary succession, secondary succession, biomass, gross, net, production, energy, trophic levels, pyramid of energy

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Could you help me?

    I’m revising for my exams at the moment, i’m currently in the middle of doing option G2 ecosystems and biomes. Objective g.2.11 states that we must be able to “outline the characteristics of six major biomes” and in the teachers notes it says this should include reference to temperature. Do we need to memorise a range of temperature (numerical) or just general temperature trends like “warm/cool”?



    • Hi Georgia,

      I think descriptions such as “hot days, cold nights” or “freezing temperatures year-round” should suffice.

      Good luck with your exams!


  2. OK. cheers 🙂

  3. Just want to say your website has been brilliant for my revision, i’ve actually found it more helpful that my actual textbooks! Thank you so much for all of the slideshows you have made and your speedy replies!

    Thanks again,

  4. Hi Stephen,
    I was just wondering if you have permanently taken all your slide presentations offline or if you are just making some alterations to the site. I love using them with my students, along with the essential biology handouts.


    • Hi Kathy,

      Everything is still online, where it should be (hopefully). You might be having an issue with your browser – or is it possible that SlideShare is blocked?


  5. Gracias! por todo el material que han colocado en este sitio, me parace excelente el sitio.
    Jorge, Costa Rica

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