IBDP Bio Excel StatBook

This Excel workbook is designed to help students choose and use appropriate graphical and statistical tools. You can manipulate the raw data in most pages to see how graphs and error bars take shape.

This workbook is designed as an ‘interactive text’ for my students. In the formative stages of the course, we use some of the pages to show the following: 

  • Different methods of data presentation and processing
  • How to format tables and graphs
  • How to enter formulas in order to carry out common statistical procedures
  • What happens to processed and presented data as some values of the variables change

It is NOT intended to be copy-pasted into student IA work. 

Updated 4 June 2013 for formatting and to emphasise clarity of titles in tables and graphs. 

Important note: these documents are used in my own classes, though are not official IB products. They are shared in good faith, but treat them with caution and due diligence. Teachers must always refer to the most up-to-date advice from the subject guides, subject reports on the OCC and experts in the subject. 

IBDP Bio Excel StatBook

IBDP Bio Excel StatBook


It so far contains:

– variability and error bars in Biology

– comparing means using the t-test (with Excel and using t-tables)

– ‘before and after’ experiments

– the classic ‘5×5’ experiments, with two types of graphs

– determining correlation

– Chi-squared tests for different types of crosses in genetics (monohybrid, dihybrid, polygenic crosses)


This document will be edited and replaced once in a while. The version linked on this page should supersede all Excel documents that I have produced that are scattered around.

It is produced in Excel 2011 for Mac, but saved as .xlsx and will work on PC.

Please do not contact me to ask for different versions. 

The workbook accompanies this unit:

More resources on Statistical Analysis here.


Excel Tutorial Videos


  1. Hi Stephen,

    You have really developed an easy & convenient method of using stats in DCP. I was wondering the same as don’t have the statistics background . It is still my largest concern that which statistical treatment should be applied to a particular set of raw data.Your IB Bio Excel StatBook would really be a great help for all the biologists.
    I am ineffable in expressing my gratitude for your help.
    Thanks & Good Luck!!!

    Looking forward to learn something again & again from you…



    You are amazing Stephen!

    Thanks again for all your incredible resources!


    PS: We may share some MYP tasks if you need them.

  3. This is another awesome stuff. Thanks again. ……..Lawrence

  4. Hi Stephen. As a fellow Bio teacher, I’m truly in awe of your ability to put all the necessary stats analysis in a way that makes it easier for students to grasp. Thank you very much for sharing! It’s a fantastic statsbook!

  5. Thank you Stephen!

    i can express my appreciation of your contribution to biology database in one word


    With best wishes

  6. That’s fantastic. Thank you very much. You are a star.

  7. hello
    i will be using it in my school


  8. i will also be trying it- it looks great- thanks for sharing

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