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The Mosquito: Hoodie-repellent from the Valleys

A bit of fun for a sound/ hearing topic. the ASE has an activity about the high-pitched teenager-repellent noise that is being placed outside many public places to ward off antisocial behaviour. The device emits a sound that is only audible to those whose hearing remains completely intact, i.e. the under 25-ishes.

This clip from CNN UK could be used as an opener:

The activity centres around a radio or TV programme in which different points of view and ethical standpoints are addressed. “Hoodies have feelings too, you know!

If you want to test your hearing, get on a decent pair of headphones and check out the University of New South WalesEqual Loudness Contours and Audiometry activity.

Some more about sound after the jump.

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How to Wire a Plug

Wiring a plugSimple flash app, allows you to blow up a TV. Can be saved easily.

Thanks to hooper from the TES Boards.

The Matter with Antimatter

Big thanks to Alom Shaha, the Physics teacher behind, for posting this video about antimatter. A nice explanation and some visuals from the Tony Hart school of animation make it well worth a watch. Imagine what would happen if Morph collided with Antimorph

Why not go and have a look at the site for more clips on the big Bang and the beginning of it all.

Toronto Physics – simple flash animations

Doppler aninmation screenshot

This resource by David Harrison is simple and user-friendly. Flash animations are easily saved.

Thanks to firrs from the TES Boards for posting the link.

The Theory of Everything?

Looks like the theory of etch-a-sketch*. I’m buggered if I understand it.

*or maybe Spirograph. Or that one with the colourful threads and the boards with holes in.

PhET Simulations

PhET have some good simulations on their website (Physics and Chem):

PhET Sims

Well worth trawling through to find some good ideas (like this skate-ramp) for the SMART board.

EDIT: this site’s helpfulness rating is boosted by the ‘run offline’ button next to  each sim – they actually want us to download these and use them for free. Rock on. Needs Java.

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