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Boson the Fourth of July

Yesterday was a big day for science, and luckily the internet was on hand to give us a live stream of reliable information and the CERN press conference (which is more than CNN could manage).

Why is it important? Here are some really useful Higgs links: 


This whole exercise is a great example of internationalism in science and is probably the world’s biggest group 4 project. It showcases the scientific method perfectly, as Adam Rutherford tweeted:

After the PR disaster of the EU’s hopelessly patronising Science: It’s a Girl Thing campaign, it was great to see a real inspiration to girls and boys take the stage – Fabiola Gianotti.

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Hunting for the Higgs

Do you know what’s going on at the Large Hadron Collider right now? Let’s have a look in their canteen…

Or perhaps we’d better check out the news…

Find out more about the search for the Higgs boson (and what it all means) on this week’s Guardian Science Podcast.

Here’s an explanation of the Higgs field:

And this is where the Higgs field and the boson fit into the Standard Model:

Symphony of Science – Quantum World

This Symphony of Science song is one of my favourites, which ties loosely to our new Grade 9 unit on Atoms.

Related to it is an update to the Powers of Ten video, from the IMAX Cosmic Voyage movie, narrated by Morgan Freeman. the start brings us in powers of ten, out into the universe. From 6:03, we start moving in – to cells, molecules and atoms.

Jump straight to the small bits here (6:03). Biology class will use it too, as we look into measurement and microscopy.

This is why we love Science.

Inside Fukushima

The Guardian has a nice interactive gallery this week of some images taken inside the Fukushima clean-up operation. In the months since the Tōhoku earthquake, there have been published a wealth of very useful educational resources regarding nuclear power, radiation, earthquakes and tsunamis. Sadly too the internet has been inundated with rubbish. When we come to our Atomic Energy unit of inquiry in Grade 10, we will look at some of these and try to evaluate their usefulness.

For now, enjoy the pictures. If you want to learn more, the Guardian was pretty good with their coverage and their links are well worth following.

Guardian Fukushima Gallery

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