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The Kidney

Last topic for the HL Students!

The Kidney is great – it filters our blood, makes urine and ties together so many aspects of the course – cells, membrane transport, osmosis, chemistry of life, hormonal control. We can look at how it is similar to and different from the liver and how its structure reflects its function. I love the kidney.

Here’s the presentation, with some data-y questions at the end.

More resources here:

Best kidney animation ever from

Quick guide to thekidney from

Complete tutorial from Sumanas

Bilingual (Chinese and English) guide to the kidney, with rave tunes from

More Loop of Henle action from the University of Colorado

Hormonal control of ADH from McGraw Hill

Diabetes recap from MedMovie

Kidney quiz from ZeroBio

Want to see a kidney stone?

Find out more about kidney stones here.

Nerves, Hormones and Homeostasis

The final topic for Standard Level!

For updated versions of this post (and more to do with drugs), please click here:

Nerves, Hormones and Homeostasis

Neurotransmitters, Synapses and Drugs

As usual, click on the shadowed images to see an animation.

Introduction to the nervous system

YouTube video:

Loads of useful resources from Neuroscience for Kids

Reflex arc animation from msjensen.

Nerve impulses: resting potential and action potential

Cool tutorial from the Harvey Project

McGraw Hill nerve impulse animation

Nice and simple from mrothery

Another good one from Alberta Psychology

Propagation on myelinated and non-myelinated nerves from Blackwell Publishing

Synaptic Transmission

Great animation from McGraw Hill

Good tutorial from Harvard Outreach

Another WHS Freeman tutorial (lifewire)

The Endocrine System

Good visual introduction from Delmar Learning

Really good animation – lots of info – from e-learning for kids


Tutorial and game from think-bank

Detailed tutorial from the University of New South Wales

Homeostasis in Newfoundland from Memorial University

Another good Freeman tutorial

Blood Glucose and Diabetes

MedMovie introduction

WebMD guide to diabetes

Functions of the Liver

Here’s the powerpoint:

Download it here: functions-of-the-liver.ppt

Boring introduction (sounds like it’s narrated by Hannibal Lecter):

Introduction to liver functions from Encyclopedia Britannica

Flashy introduction, then focuses on liver cancer from the

Good tutorial with simple animation of bile secretion from Colorado State

Great EM images from Dr. Jastrow’s EM Atlas

Good histology set of specialized cells of the GI system from siumed

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