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I’ve posted lots of links to Learn.Genetics in the past, and even nominated it, against this site, for an Edublogs Award this year. Now it looks like it needs a bit of help to retain its funding. If you’re a teacher or student who uses the resources there (they are brilliant), then send a quick message of support. The rest of this post is a re-post of an email they sent out.

“We’re writing to urge you to let the NIH know how important the educational materials and resources we provide on Learn.Genetics and Teach.Genetics are to you and your students.

The US National Institutes of Health (NIH), which provides major funding for the Genetic Science Learning Center’s Learn.Genetics and Teach.Genetics websites, is discussing a potential reorganization. This could affect the Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) program that has supported development of many of the materials on our sites, as well as our teacher professional development programs.
We’re asking your help in letting the NIH know immediately how important their funding of the SEPA program (including our programs) is to you, your students, and the public.”
More instructions after the jump…
“A suggested format for your message:

Tell the NIH who you are:
  • Example: I am a (your position, such as high school biology teacher) in (state or country)
Tell the NIH why you are writing:
  • Example: I’m writing to ask you to protect the funding and integrity of the NIH NCRR Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) program, which has provided major funding for the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah.
Tell the NIH which of our resources you use or refer to teacher professional development programs in which you have participated:
  • Examples: I regularly use the (name some of the specific materials) on the Learn.Genetics and Teach.Genetic websites with my students.
  • I’ve participated in teacher professional development (workshops/courses) on (list topic or topics).
Tell the NIH why the materials on our websites and/or our teacher professional development programs are important:
  • Examples: Use your own words to describe why/how the interactive, multimedia materials on Learn.Genetics help students better understand a specific topic(s), increase student achievement, etc.
Use your own words to describe why our materials are important to increasing science literacy.
Use your own words to describe how our teacher professional development workshops or courses have impacted your own learning and/or your students’ learning
Sending a copy to your Congressman or Senator or the President would also help. You can write to them via these websites:
This is a chance for citizen action to make a big difference.  Please help!
Please forward this message to colleagues. The more people who write to the NIH, the more powerful we will be.
Thank you!!

The Genetic Science Learning Center Team”

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