Periodic Table for Biologists

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Periodic Table for Biologists, AO printable version (.png, 3MB). Last updated Jan 2013.

Click on this link to go to the periodic table page and download the A0 poster:

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  1. I will post the CD of Periodic Tables songs… 🙂 There are lot of them on internet.

  2. If anybody like to order, write me email, please.


    Hi Steve,

    Myself and the other Biology teachers at my school think that this Periodic Table for Biologists is a wonderful idea. However, we have found a few errors with it that has deterred us from displaying it within the Science department:

    1. The Lanthanide series has been removed from your table. The elements occuring after this series have all got the wrong atomic number (58+)
    2. What elements are Ku and Ha?
    3. It’s an AMINO group, not an Amine group hence the name ‘Amino Acid’
    4. The formula for a fatty acid is incorrect as is the formula for hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3)

    We would very much like to be able to dislay this poster for our Biology students. I have tried editing this myself, however, when I have come to try and print it out, the resolution has changed and the image is pixelated. Is there any chance you would make these changes?

    Thank you

    • Hi Beeb,

      Thanks for the comment and for spotting the errors. Where I am now I cannot easily print large posters, so have not looked at it in a long time. My original publisher file is also missing, but if I can find it I will make some changes. You are right – some numbers are incorrect and I have no idea what Ku and Ha are!

      I understood that it was an amine group, creating an amino acid, but amino group would make the easier (more correct?) explanation.

      The label near NaHCO3 says hydrogen carbonates, showing that it and hydrogen carbonate are examples. Perhaps this could be clearer. I can’t see what is wrong with the fatty acid structure – the ‘n’ showing that the CH2 molecule can be repeated. There may be a better way to represent this, though.

      As soon as I can find the original document, I will update it.

      Thanks for the input – the ‘peer review’ is very useful!


  4. Fab! Thank you!

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