HIV and AIDS: Dangerous Denialism

You’d think the link between HIV and AIDS would by now be undisputed, but there is a growing amount of web and airtime being given to erroneous denialist views. Partly this is being stoked by the controversial ‘documentary’ House of Numbers:

Sadly, these views seem to be permeating mainstream media.

Guiding questions:

1. What are some of the main points made by the film?

2. What do they argue are the causes of AIDS?

3. What effects can glossy pseudo-scientific presentations such as this have on public perception and trust of science?



Brilliant (free) chapter on Matthias Rath and AIDS denialism in South Africa, from BadScience.


Here is MrT’s hero, Hans Rosling, outlining HIV/AIDS data using GapMinder:

And to restore your faith in HIV/AIDS information and the scientific process, visit for a comprehensive breakdown of HIV/AIDS facts and stats.

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