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10,000 views, new updates and some Brainiac stupidity

No more landmark posts after this – I’ll stick to the Science!

A big thanks to Ben Goldacre from for the miniblog link – it gave us a boost this week. Thanks also to all who have been emailing with video ideas and links and those who’ve posted on the TES Boards.

Update #1: Change of name

It’s now ‘Science Video Resources’, to reflect the diversity of people who drop in for a look. The web address is still the same and the content will still be aimed mainly at teachers and students.

Update #2: RSS feed available

An RSS/Atom feed is available (thanks to Feedburner), as is an email update notification. Just go clicky-clicky on the flaming icon in the sidebar – or select the email subscription.

OK, here’s some Brainiac thermite recklessness.

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