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Wylio: CC images for bloggers (and some synapse action)

This came from FreeTech4Teachers, but is well worth sharing with everyone here – including students using blogs as a tool in class.

Neuronphoto © 2009 Ethan Hein | more info (via: Wylio)
Wylio is a Creative Commons image search tool with a difference – it is designed for bloggers and does the hard work of formatting and citations for you! Skip on over to the search engine and see what I mean. The image of a neuron to the left was found and coded using Wylio. All I had to do was copy the html code and paste it into the html editor for this post. Easy peasy. When you click on the author’s name, it brings you to their page and if you click on ‘more info’, it brings you to the full-size image.

Now this is where you have to do the work…

Consider the diagram of the synapse below and answer these questions:

1. Explain the principle of synaptic transmission

2. Outline the use of four methods of membrane transport in nerves and synapses.


Finally, related to all that, “You are your connectome” (it’s on the network):

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