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Final topic in the Core for SL students! Wednesday we’ll get started on the G4 project and soon begin Neurobiology and Behaviour, our final topic.

All the Core resources are here: 6.6 Reproduction

And the resources for HL students are here: 11.4 Reproduction


Think about the following questions to make connections across the curriculum:

1. Explain how sexual reproduction leads to infinite variation in a population.

2. Explain hormonal control of the menstrual cycle.

3. Explain the process of meiosis, suitable to your level of study.


Nobel Prize for Medicine 2010: Robert G. Edwards for IVF!

Reproduction: Core and AHL

Here is the presentation for the Core content – Grade 9’s, you can look too, as we’re on this unit in HPD! There are tons of videos and animations out there about reproduction – many are linked in the presentations, so click on the shadowed images to watch them.

And here is the AHL presentation, including spermatogenesis, oogenesis, hcg, hormonal control of birth.

Standard Level students Essential Biology 6.6 Reproduction (Click4Biology)

Higher Level students Essential Biology 6.6 & 11.4 Reproduction (Click4Biology)

Here are the Pythons with their birth sketch:

And some BioEthics cases on IVF:

Australasian bioethics special: IVF

Vatican condemns IVF

Journal of Medical Ethics: State of the Debate

Octomom signs reality TV deal

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