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i-Biology: Illuminating Science!

Here’s a cool little TED video of bioluminescence in action.

In case you forgot, bioluminescence is the end-result of transcription and translation, with enzymes being produced to catalyse light-emitting reactions. Try it here at Learn.Genetics (What makes a firefly glow?). A beautiful real-world example of this semester’s content in action. Domain upgrade

You might have noticed a new domain name and shorter URLs here – I got a new domain! It is domain-mapped through, so you shouldn’t need to update your bookmarks (but you might). Four years ago, this site started out as ‘Science Teachers’ Video Resources‘ but has evolved into something much more focused.

So here it is: Short and easy to remember.

The main focus of the site is IB Biology, but there will continue to be lots of videos and interactives linked for other sciences – especially as I will be moving soon to teach MYP science in Japan.

The “i-” could be “international or even “I-love-” Biology. It’s up to you. I quite like “illuminate”.

With all the resources here now, “i-” should really mean “independent“. If you can support your own learning as a student by using this site, then great! What I really hope is that it will keep you “inspired” to continue Science beyond school.

As always, constructive comments and charity donations via Biology4Good are welcome.

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