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Super slo-mo bullet impacts and the fastest punch in the world; or, Why I want a 1000fps camera*.

With over 1.5 million views and counting, check out this super high-speed motion capture of bullets penetrating various substrates, by the measuring equipment company Kurrzeit.

Beyond the traditional measuring  methods of Science and Engineering, high-quality, high-speed video allows for more detail and study of dynamic processes. We can see moments of impact or reaction, faster-than-the-eye phenomena and amazing natural events in detail and analyse them.

Check out this short clip of the fastest punch on Earth – the Mantis Shrimp. The strike through water is so fast that the water around it is boiled due to the pressure, and the impact is so hard that it looks as though the carapace (shell) of the crab is momentarily liqeufied. Read more about the mantis shrimp punch at NotRocketScience.

Stay tuned for more high-speed science videos.

*I don’t really, but would love it if you made a donation to charity through Biology4Good, my list on give4good.

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