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Cell Theory

Art trippers, you missed the first episode of Cell – but don’t worry, you can get it from student access or see it here. All students, I expect you to watch the remaining episodes over the coming weeks, in your own time. Here is the work for this topic.

Cell Theory:

Essential Biology 2.1: Cell Theory

And the wikipedia page

And C4B page

And the brilliant Amazing Cells resource from Learn.Genetics at Utah.

Size of cells:

Learn.Genetics cell size

Learn.Genetics cell size

Practice calculations sheet: Calculations in Microscopy

Here’s a page of animations about techniques in microscopy

SA:Vol ratio from Wikipedia

And some cool animations to put things in perspective:

From Learn.Genetics at Utah (best one) or this one from Cells Alive.

Cell Differentiation:

Wikipedia page

Cell differentiation video from Teachers Domain

Virtual Electron Microscope!

Virtual Electron Microscope - free and cool

Stem Cells:

NewScientist special reports on Stem Cells

Great Stem Cell videos from (look at who they quote as a reviewer!)

Stem Cells cribsheet from SEED Magazine

Stem Cells transplants in lymphoma (animation)

Electron Microscopy

Get the awesome free Virtual Electron Microscope, or send off some samples to be scanned for nowt, from here or here.

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