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OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

Viral video pop masters OK Go set an incredible engineering challenge for this music video – a giant Rube Goldberg machine that fits in with the song and is all completed in a single shot. Here is the result:

Engineer Adam Sadowsky has a really entertaining talk on TED about the ten commandments of making the video and the challenges they overcame. OK Go introduce their video at the end.

Virgin Galactic Goes Live – with cool soundtrack

Start saving those pennies for a trip to space, courtesy of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two – whichwas rolled out on a chilly unveiling in the Mojave desert this week. Here’s a short video showing a simulation of what one of the trips would be like, with what looks like some footage of SpaceShipOne’s journey to the edge of the atmosphere in 2004, as well as some dodgy camera-phone footage of this unveiling, apparently from Arnie’s phone.

Watch out for The Fuse in 2010 – the band whose music is featured on the video – they rock!

One might question the tactfulness of the unveiling of the spaceship so close to the Copenhagen Climate Summit. Is it really appropriate to encourage the super-wealthy to burn up fuel and money (US$200,000 a ticket!) on a joyride to space? There is a section on their official website that deals with the environmental issues, claiming that the carbon footprint per passenger is less than a London-New York flight.

On the other hand, given the chance would you turn it down? This project represents the cutting-edge of engineering and design, and there will be a lot to learn from their industrial experiences. It is also good to see some human ingenuity and adventure make the headlines, too.

Here’s a tour of SpaceShipTwo with Richard Branson, from Associated Press:

And an old (2008) video from talking about the project:

So what do you think? Do you think it’s a good idea? Would go if you were given the chance? How do you feel about this kind of high-profile project? Would it inspire you to take on science or engineering as a career?

For more information on the The Fuse and their music, check out their website:

The Contraption

Bro Taylor sent another quality video. His title was ‘What Engineers do when they retire‘, though looking at the original website, it should read ‘what workshy engineering graduates do when they don’t want a real job.’

This is kind of contraption that would put Wallace and Gromit to shame:

My favourite quote from their website:”Baynham & Tyers is no longer an active company, as Ben and Tom are heavily involved in exciting new projects.” Like gluing things to the wall, evidently.

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