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Obama vs Clinton – Who will be better for Science? (via NewScientist)

This is from the NewScientist channel and is an interesting conversation starter. Last week at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting in Boston, representatives from Clinton and Obama’s teams were on hand to outline their positions on Science and Technology.

What kind of impact on voting do scientific policies really have in the US elections?

Is Science one of those promises that is all too easy to forget about once the candidate is in place?

What could the UK do to boost its Science departments and improve the quality of graduates (and retain a skilled scientific workforce)?

The idea of Science Debate 2008 is an interesting one – but will they be bothered to turn up?

Here are the candidates’ Sci-Tech policies:

Obama: energy and environment, technology, higher education, healthcare.

Clinton: energy and environment, innovation, education, healthcare.

McCain: energy and environment, education, healthcare. *

* it’s interesting to see that McCain has no section on his site relating to science and technology, nor did he send anyone to the AAAS meeting.

It all reminds me a bit of the South Park episodes where the military and FBI were deriding the professors by sneering “Mister Scientist” at them at every given opportunity.

There’s a funny South Park style Mac vs PC ad after the jump:

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