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Scitable – Authentic Science Learning from Nature Education

Nature Education’s Scitable project is a free, collaborative online project which opens up lots of peer-reviewed, high-quality Nature content to students, teachers and learning groups.

The goal was to put high-quality Science information onto the web, and to give control and flexibility over learning. Having signed-up and looked at some of the brilliant readers and resources there, I will surely be using it in future! Scitable represents an authentic, evolving and engaging alternative to science textbooks, one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. Check out some of the student blogs, too!

Here’s a quick video overview, but there is more information after the jump.

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Why is Science Important?

The most important question any science teacher should ask themself – because if we don’t have a good answer, what are we doing in the classroom? I heard about this after listening to the Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast. Alom Shaha, a science teacher and film-maker, went into the pod to promote and discuss his project: Why is Science Important?

The result of his efforts is a website full of great answers to the question, along with a 30-minute film.

Watch the full film here:
Why is Science Important? from Alom Shaha on Vimeo.

Or if your connection can’t hack it, it’s broken into chunks here:

So… Why is Science important?

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