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Happy New Year – And A Partial Lunar Eclipse!

Happy New Year!

There was a partial lunar eclipse last night. Here is some footage from India:

For more eclipses in 2010, visit There are four this year, including a total solar eclipse on July 11th and a total lunar eclipse on December 21st. If you look at each event on, you can see animations of what to expect where you are.

NewScientist also have a review of the top ten space stories of 2009, with The Guardian making predictions for the year ahead.

Have a great year!

Total Eclipse of the Sun – 1st August 2008

Viewers in Chine were treated to a cracking eclipse of the Sun last Friday and NewScientist were on hand to film it:

There is a great explanation and animation of how solar eclipses happen on the BBC website.

Exploratorium have a full-length clip on their webcast page, as well as a nice animation of how eclipses occur. (I’ll give Exploratorium its own post very soon).

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