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Manipulative Skills self-assessment

Word 97-2003 version here.

This is only formally assessed once at the end of the course, but can be a good exercise in student self-assessment. I have unpacked the aspects into some skills and indicators in the second table. Feel free to download and edit to suit your own needs.

Updated IA Self-Assessment Sheets

Tip: to print your completed rubric, first save as a pdf file- it doesn’t confuse the printers. For the same document as 4 portrait A4 pages, which can be easily copy-pasted onto your write-up, click here.

BIS Students: make sure that you use this in all stages of your experimental work, from design to the final write-up. Use it to:

  • Check your work as you plan and carry out the investigation
  • Self-assess your write-up as you go through the process
  • Reflect on the feedback given via Moodle/Turnitin

For more IA help, click here.

The codes on the checklist correspond to those that appear on your marked work via Moodle/Turnitin. Other teachers – you can download these comments here, to be used or adapted as long as your school uses the full Turnitin WriteCycle package.

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