A3 Special Issues in Human Nutrition

Click4Biology notes here: http://click4biology.info/c4b/A/A3.htm


Breast is Best

World Health Organisation stats and resources

KidsHealth discussion on Breast vs formula

Some baby foods less nutritious than a cheeseburger, from Guardian.co.uk


Diabetic Care

What is the relationship between sugar and diabetes?

What is the relationship between sugar and diabetes?

MedMovie.com: Diabetes animations

Diabetic diet information from MedlinePlus or Wikipedia

MedlinePlus diabetic diet planner

Analyse these:


Lowering Cholesterol

Have clinical trials shown cause in the correlation between low cholesterol diets and reduced risk of CHD?

To answer this, we need to go to the literature:

Systematic review of dietary intervention trials, from BMJ.com and PubMed.

Expert panel reports, from NHLBI

Managing cholesterol interactive tutorial from MedlinePlus

The Great Cholesterol Myth” from Dr. Oz


The ethics of animal products

Check out this super-doc, Food Inc. (and while you’re at it, read Fast Food Nation):


Food miles

Interactive food miles calculator, Guardian.co.uk

Podcast: the carbon footprint of everything, Guardian.co.uk

Read Ecological Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, featured as one of Time’s 10 Ideas Changing the World Now

Discussion: to what extent is food miles a culprit in environmental damage when compared to intensive farming, fertiliser and pesticide use? Could genetic engineering reduce the environmental impacts of farming for large populations?


Here’s a good TED Talk from Graham Hill: Why I’m a Weekday Vegetarian

Time and time again, we hear that to make a difference, we need to exercise our power as consumers, to vote with our wallets and our ballots and to think about where the products we choose to eat, wear, use or drive are coming from.

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