Option A: Human Nutrition & Health

Human Nutrition and Health

Full set of summary notes, click here: (Word 2003, 1MB), written for Click4Biology

What The World Needs Now:

Jamie Oliver’s TED wish – teach every child about food


A1: Components of the Human Diet

A2: Energy in Human Diets

A3: Special Issues in Nutrition


MyPyramid - clicky-clicky!

MyPyramid - clicky-clicky!

Web resources:

Nutrition.gov – good, reliable nutrition information from the USDA

What’s in What I eat? Nutritional information database from the USDA

What should I be eating? Dietary guidelines from the USDA

Healthy diets from the UK’s NHS


Unit links – Option A: Human Nutrition and Health (in progress)

A1 – Components of the human diet

A2 – Energy in human diets

A3 – Special issues in human nutrition


Nutrition News:

Some baby foods less nutritious than a cheeseburger” – Guardian News, 4 May 2009

Taking the ‘pro’ out of probiotic” (unfounded health claims)  -Guardian News, 6th September 2009

Ultimate nutrition FAIL: Congress declares super-sugary pizza tomato sauce a vegetable.


Super Size Me

Watch the whole movie online at GoogleVideo:

And use this question sheet as you watch. You will need to do some further research.

If you learn nothing else in science and HPD, at least learn about looking after yourself.

  1. emmanuel njoku

    i love human nutrition because it is part of life

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