H3 Absorption of Digested Food Molecules

Absorption of Digested Foods:

Download it here: absorption-of-digested-foods.ppt

Class Notes to fill in here (pdf download)

Virtual Fetal Pig dissection (digestive system) from Whitman

Zooming in – Intestine to epithelial cells (with comedy Lancashire accent) from UCLan’s Sonic Nursing project

Villi structure from 3d4 Medical.com

Lots of digestion and absorption animations from Nutrition.jbpub.com (passive transport, fat uptake, facilitated diffusion, endocytosis)

Absorption of monosaccharides (tutorial) from Colorado StateNew-Yorkers in search of poo-phoria (from Salon.com)

And, of course, here are JD and Turk to tell us about the diagnostic miracle of egestion:

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