D1 Origin of Life on Earth

This presentation is by Jason de Nys of the Australian International School in Hong Kong. Check out his SlideShare profile here:

Here’s a really neat Prezi too.

Here’s a clip from the BBC’s The Gene Code, on how complex life on Earth began:


D1 The Origin of Life on Earth

Miller-Urey Experiment

Adam Rutherford comments on this article by Ed Yong: Scientists finish a 53-year-old classic experiment on the origins of life

Miller-Urey interactive experiment, with interviews with Stanley Miller, from UCSD

Tutorial: Synthesis of Prebiotic Molecues, from Freeman LifeWire

Sci-Am 60second podcast, Miller-Urey, 55 years on.

Carl Sagan’s Abiogenesis: The Origins of Life

Endosymbiotic Theory

Evolution of organelles tutorial from Sumanas

Food vacuoles handle digestion and excretion, from Life Wire (lots more here)

Endosymbiosis, from McGraw Hill


The origin of complex life – it was all about energy” from NotExactlyRocketScience

The origin of complex life - it was all about energy

The origin of complex life – it was all about energy (NotExactlyRocketScience)

  1. Hi Stephen,
    Love your stuff. As a Bio teacher on my first run through I’ve leaned heavily on your slideshows so much gratitude.
    I’ve been inspired by you to make my own presentations for this option. Not quite the same style as yours but definitely influenced. Check them out

    • Nicely done, Jason – thanks for letting me know. I’ll embed them here if that’s OK with you, and link them back to your SlideShare page.

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