G3 Impacts of Humans on Ecosystems

Essential Biology G3: Impacts of Humans on Ecosystems

Here is a good TED talk from Stephen Palumbi on biomagnification in ocean food chains, with the resulting human health impacts:

And this article from Science Daily outlines the work of a team of researchers as they demonstrate biomagnification in a simple food chain, with links to vesicles.


CuriosityOnline, from Discovery, outlines 10 ecosystems devastated by invasive species.”

Invasion of the hairy ants. From Myrmecos.

Biological Control:

Defeating dengue by releasing mosquitoes with virus-blocking bacteria” from Ed Yong

Fungus loaded with scorpion toxin to fight malaria,” from Ed Yong.

Value in non-native species,” article by Carl Zimmer. Interesting stuff!

In this TED Talk, Shimon Steinberg explains how biological control of crop pests can be achieved – using other bugs!

Cane Toads: The Conquest hit Australian movie:

And here’s some cane toad comedy:

Key terms: invasive, species, biomagnification, bioaccumulation, UV, ozone, cancer, productivity, primary production, pollution, DDT, TBT, cane toad, biological control

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