G1 Community Ecology

Essential Biology G1 Community Ecology

Ooh, yuk! Parasite of the Day blog. Brilliant!

Structured Data Analysis Practice: Competitive Exclusion

Here’s a nice little animated short to illustrate competitive exclusion:

Link question – what role does competitive exclusion play in controlling the effects of invasive species?

Beautiful article: The Human Lake by Carl Zimmer. How GE Huthchinson became the father of modern ecology, taking it from simple natural history to experimental and theoretical ecology. Read it!

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Ecological Survey Methods:

How to sample, from the Woodland Education Centre

Population surveys:

Simple random sampling in the field, from Oregon State

Using a quadrat, from Skoool


Rocky Shore Transect, from the British Ecological Society


Non-destructive biomass measurement, from Oxford Annals of Botany

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How’s this for an extreme niche – the goats of Cingino dam in Italy cling on to a near-vertical face in order to graze. Go goats. See them at Treehugger.com.

Cingino Goats. Photo via Treehugger/ Peter Bosshard / International Rivers

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Key terms: ecology, population, competition, predation, herbivory, competitive exclusion, parasitism, mutualism

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