BioCamp & IB Retreat

BioCamp 2010: Gambung, Ciwidey 14-16 October

Coming to the end of the Ecology unit, we have an opportunity to put theory into practice in the field and collect some good data for DCP/CE labs to be submitted as part of your IA portfolio.


BioCamp handbook 2010

BioCamp checklist


IB Retreat 2010: “Learning With Integrity

On the final night of BioCamp, the remaining G12 students and all of G11 will join us for the IB Retreat, along with Mr Cameron and Mrs Russell.

This year, we will be launching the updated Academic Honesty Policy, as well as enjoying some more relaxed and collaborative activities. Bring some sturdy trainers for the morning Nature Walk!



  1. Hi Steve,
    I’m a relatively new IB teacher but I just organised an ecology camp (similar to yours I guess) and I was wondering how many hours did you put for the camp down on the 4/PSOW? Did you separate the hours dependent on tasks eg, quadrats 2 hours, transects 1 hour etc or did you have them all together?

  2. Thank you so much Stephen, your website truly has been a lifesaver and the resources you have found are incredible. It is so nice to have the contact and support of such a knowledgable IB biology teacher.
    Kind regards,

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