Important note: these documents are used in my own classes, though are not official IB products. They are shared in good faith, but treat them with caution and due diligence. Teachers must always refer to the most up-to-date advice from the subject guides, subject reports on the OCC and experts in the subject. 

UPDATE JAN 2013: Teachers need to use the editable pdf files, linked on the online Handbook of Procedures. You can find the link in the OCC or from your Coordinator. 


To help with exam prep, this exam tracker (Excel 97-2003Excel 2007-10) is set up for easy administration of exam practice, with papers and IA weighted appropriately. Simply plug in the students’ scores on each paper and it will produce a percentage total as well as the IB grade (1-7).

You can adjust the grade boundaries easily for each specific paper. Grade boundaries can be found on the OCC in each exam session’s examiner’s report.



Here’s a GoogleDoc overview of my SL class 4PSOW, in case it is useful for your planning. It is ‘live’ so if bits disappear it is because they are being edited. Clearer here.

  1. Thanks for sticking in the link to my version of the PSOW form. I’d forgotten I’d posted it.

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