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8 Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions

Here’s nine neat minutes from Sci Show on illusions – classic and modern – that will be of use to those studying Option A: Neurobiology & Behaviour.


Amazing T. rex Illusion

This illusion rocks. See if you can work out how they did it before you see the ‘reveal’.

For more amazing illusions, see the archive of winners and entries in the ‘illusion of the year‘ contest.

Science Stunts for Parties

Richard Wiseman is a psychologist and author of Quirkology, the Curious Science of Everyday Lives. He also has a YouTube channel loaded with illusions and tricks. As dinner-party season approaches, here are some collections of little science tricks to impress your granny. Be careful with flames.

The Shadow Illusion Brought to Life!

Cool – for more illusions check out brussup’s YouTube channel.

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