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Biology4Good Charity Focus | Hope HIV

Thanks Kasia from Hope HIV for getting in touch and sending this video, that outlines the great work that they do with the donations people make. They focus on the idea of ‘using who you are to make a difference,’ which is perfect for IB students and teachers. Visit this page in particular to see some stories of people that they have hope in – and then if you feel like making a donation, please visit my JustGiving page for Hope HIV here.

For more resources on HIV and how it connects to our curriculum, visit the page for 6.3 Defense Against Infectious Disease here.

And this one outlines their amazing work and growth since 2000.

The End of AIDS?

World AIDS Day is almost upon us again: 1st December. This video was tweeted by @StephenFry today – give it a look over to see how ARV drugs may be used in prevention as well as treatment.

[vimeo 32317889]

To find out more, visit the End to AIDS website, where you can also read a history of World AIDS Day.

Queen – Say It’s Not True

This one passed me by, being out of the country, but I found out more when I read that Queen were writing a new album and going on tour.

Why is this important?

Well, it’s Queen and it’s a HIV campaign video for a start. And we all know two things:

1. You can’t be a proper scientist if you don’t like Queen.

2. Erm… that’s it.

Let’s also not forget that not many geek-books come with their own trailers

Monoclonal Antibodies

Here’s a walk-through from Sumanas Multimedia. They also have a fewother animations and applets on useful topics, including synaptic transmisson, statistics and HIV.

World AIDS Day next week: 1st December. has a load of great resources for school, aimed at engaging students rather than preaching at them. Well worth a look.

Here’s a nice video from last year’s AIDS Day, entitled ‘Time to Deliver’.

Stephen Fry: HIV and Me (very mature content)

Stephen Fry hosts this brave documentary on the experiences of British HIV sufferers. A good watch, shows how perceptions of HIV/AIDS have changed and how it is ignored.

Be warned – there are graphic descriptions during some parts of the documentary and careful editing would be advised before you show it to a group of students.

Of the six parts available on here, part six (after the jump) is a good one to show – Stephen is talking to a teenage girl born with HIV who has made a stand against bullies and made it her prerogative to inform others. This part doesn’t need editing, either.

Again for older students, there is a link to the GI Jonny website at the end of the show. Looks like a bit of a gimmick, to be honest, but might get through to some.

Part 1 of 6 (Parts 2-6 after the jump):

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HIV/AIDS: Causes, Myths and Social Impacts

Here’s a nice two-parter of the VSO’s work on HIV/AIDS in Mozambique:

Part 1:

Part 2:

This is a bit dry, but raises a number of good issues about the transmission and social implications of HIV/AIDS.

Here’s Tim & Moby’s take on HIV. Nice and colourful:

Brainpop HIV/AIDS

And here’s a good one, though big, from NOVA:

NOVA Surviving Aids: HIV in Action

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