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Extended Essay Frame and Word Citation Tool

IB Store

IB Store

Here’s a document we are using in my Extended Essay group. The intention is that students set it up from day 1, keeping all of their reading and research in a section at the end which will allow them to build their citations database. This section of notes will be deleted before final submission, unless any of the resources they save are worthy of an appendix.

By this point, students have read the examiners’ reports for their subject area EE’s, looked at some excellent examples (on sale in the IB store) and have read carefully through the EE guide, noting the subject-specific guidance for each criterion.

At the end of the document is a set of rubrics for self-assessment, which they should refer to on a regular basis. I have set it up so that they can add their own checkboxes above each rubric, listing what is most important for them to achieve.

There is a screencast below the document which gives a very quick introduction to using the Word citation manager.

Check out these great resources from Purdue’s OWL project on APA citation.

What I would love to see

If I could make one request of the IB, it would be that rolled into our programme fees for DP we could have access to university-style academic searches and journals. Wouldn’t it be great if the IB subscribed to the journals and schools could access them through Athens or Springerlink (or something else), to use in EE’s and research?

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