11.3 The Kidney


More resources here:

Best kidney animation ever from biologymad.com

Quick guide to thekidney from kidneypatientguide.org.uk

Complete tutorial from Sumanas

Very detailed animations from University of British Columbia

Bilingual (Chinese and English) guide to the kidney, with rave tunes from hkedcity.net

More Loop of Henle action from the University of Colorado

Hormonal control of ADH from McGraw Hill

Diabetes recap from MedMovie

Kidney quiz from ZeroBio

Mystery kidney illness kills thousands in South America, from AP.


Want to see a kidney stone?

Find out more about kidney stones here.

And here’s Anthony Atala on printing a human kidney!


Key terms: kidney, renal, filter, ultrafiltration, excretion, cortex, medulla, pelvis, ureter, blood, glomerulus, nephron, basement membrane, extracellular, fenestrated, capillaries, osmoregulation, selective, reabsorption, glucose, proximal convoluted tubule, microvilli, osmosis, active transport, loop of Henle, medulla, collecting duct, ADH, diabetes, urine.

  1. Awesome site on kidney…….Thanks again…..

  2. http://www.khanacademy.org/video/the-kidney-and-nephron?playlist=Biology

    Thanks! This is another great video to help IB Bio Students!

  3. Hi!
    Was just wondering why Proximal Convoluted Tubule is written as PTC instead of PCT? is that just a typo, or does it really have a longer, more complicated name?

    Thanks for a great site!

  4. Am I the only one just able to see only 1 page on the slideshare widgets?

    BTW, my students also caught that PTC instead of PCT detail on some slides!

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