7.3 & 7.4 Transcription & Translation

Work through these tutorials from BioCoach online: TranscriptionTranslation

Click4Biology pages: TranscriptionTranslation

And don’t forget to review the Core content.


Further resources:

Transcription Details (fits DP Bio HL very well)

Translation Details (fits DP Bio HL very well)

MrHardy’s Wikispace (original author unknown):

Transcription (great for HL)

Translation (great for HL)

John Kyrk: (visit the parent site at www.johnkyrk.com – excellent)

Transcription (fits DP Bio HL very well)

Translation (fits DP Bio HL very well)

St. Olaf College

Transcription (clear and simple)

Translation (clear and simple)

WH Freeman

RNA Splicing tutorial (HL only)


Translation with a genetic code dictionary (shows position in the ribosome)

Some more in-depth animations (newly added):

Translation from Wiley Interscience

Translation from LSU Medschool

Translation from The Chinese University in Hong Kong

Protein targeting from Rockefeller University

Here are two cool (and accurate) animations from WEHI TV:


Comparing prokaryotes and eukaryotes, from McGraw Hill

Blame it on the DNA, from the Stanford Students:

Here’s an image I produced to help with a query posted on the core page, but which is more suited to here:

mRNA vs tRNA

And some good reading:

Life’s deliberate typos, by Ed Yong

Key terms: transcription, free RNA nucleotide, 5′, 3′, sense, antisense, uracil, U, thymine, T, DNA, mRNA, promoter region, RNA polymerase, nucleoside triphosphates, terminator, introns, exons, translation, tRNA, tRNA-activating enzyme, amino acid, specific, ATP, CCA, ribosome, subunits, protein, binding sites, initiation, elongation, translocation, termination, polysomes, start, stop, codons, anticodons, complementary, peptide bond.

  1. Hello Stephen,
    Like to say that your website is a wonderful source for teachers and I thank you. I was wondering if the link to Essential Biology 7.3 Transcription & 7.4 Translation will be functioning anytime soon. I would like to take a look at it. Much appreciate it. Love your website.

  2. Will the link to Essential Biology HL be back somethime soon?

  3. Great work again…….thanks…….Lawrence

  4. I am biology HL student, it was great fun understanding the concept of Central dogma of life processes via this videos and post. thanks

  5. Stephen, thank you so much for this wonderful site. I really appreciate your willingness to share. All of the materials are fabulous. One question about the Essential Biology packet for 7.3 Transcription and 7.4 Translation. In questions 4 and 5 should they say transcription instead of translation?
    Anne Cross
    Central Academy International Baccalaureate School
    Des Moines, Iowa

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