Crash Course Ecology: 12 Videos with Hank Green

I’ve featured Hank Green’s Crash Course Biology here a number of times and many of his videos have been embedded into the topic pages for the IB Biology course around this site. Prolific as he is, his ‘Crash Course Ecology’ series has just finished, so here are 12 episodes that pull together elements of the the Core and Option topics (as well as a lot more).

The full playlist is here: Crash Course Ecology. It’ll take about as long as Avatar to get through it all, and you’ll learn more about environmental change, impacts and solutions.

Episode 1: The History of Life on Earth

The rest of the episodes are linked after the jump.

Episode 2: The Texas Mosquito Mystery

  • Population growth, carrying capacity

Episode 3: Human Population Growth

  • r and K-selection, population growth, human carrying capacity

Episode 4: Feel the Love

  • Interactions: niches, competitive exclusion, mutualism, commensalism

Episode 5: Predation

  • Herbivory, parasitism, predatory adaptation

Episode 6: Ecological Succession

  • Primary and secondary succession

Episode 7: Links in the Chain

  • Feeding relationships, energy flows, nutrients recycle

Episode 8: Hydrologic and Carbon Cycles

Episode 9: Nitrogen & Phosphorous Cycles

Episode 10: Five Human Impacts on the Environment

  • Importance of Biodiversity
  • Deforestation, invasive species, over-harvesting, desertification, global warming

Episode 11: Pollution

  • Very comprehensive – have a look! 

Episode 12: Conservation & Restoration

  • It’s not all bad news…

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