Two Million Views on!


This week saw push past two million page views. It now gets around 4,000 views per day, which is a lot of teachers and students looking for resources. This week also saw the closure of*, who had been processing charitable donations for Biology4Good.

So this week is the perfect time to re-launch my appeal for donations to charity through Biology4Good on a bigger service,  JustGiving



These IB Biology presentations, Essential Biology worksheets and other resources are available to you to use for free, but please consider making a donation to one of my chosen charities via Biology4Good (powered by Hopefully they have saved you time and stress as a teacher or grades as a student – please consider the huge effort this takes and  let them make a difference to others, too.

JustGiving guarantees that 100% of the donation is passed on to the charity.


*This project started first on Gifts4Good, which has sadly closed. “Offline Donations” mentioned on the team page refer to donations that were processed in the old incarnation of Gifts4Good. 


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  1. Dear Stephen,
    I am a new IB teacher and I have been looking around for things to help me get started.I have to say that your work is just too good, amazingly good. What textbook to you use to teach IB Biology? Do the students use the same book with you? My IB coordinator told me that the book “Biology” by Damon A, McGonegal R..etc (Pearson Baccalaureate) is a good one, the yellowish red book. Can you give me some feedback on this.


    • Hi Havi,

      Thank-you for you comment!

      I don’t really use a textbook in class, but we do give students the Allott Biology Study Guide (to keep and annotate). We have copies of the Course Companion in class too, which we dip into for data-based questions. I haven’t used the other book.

      I hope this helps!


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