We’re almost there, Grade 12!

Almost there Grade 12!

Content completed, IA’s done. You can sign off your 4PSOW on Tuesday and from now on it’s revise, revise, revise.

Tomorrow we’ll set up our revision folders, and I’ll release the first two past papers. These are your tasks to complete each week, and are to be done to the best of your ability, without cheating!

We will mark each week’s papers using the markschemes.Learn from your mistakes and highlight areas of weakness.


1. Do not print the papers – read them as pdf. Conserve paper!

2. I’ll give you copies of MC answer grids to use.

3. You can print only the pages with diagrams and measurements, and stick them in your notes.

4. Write all your answers on lined paper.Practice completing the exam in the allotted time.

5. Look for trends in favourite question topics.

6. If you hit a topic you don’t understand, use it as an opportunity to revise – check those notes and make sure your essential biology library is complete.

7. Take care to erase questions from older papers that don’t apply to our syllabus – you should be able to cross-check them with the assessment statements.

8. Go through your handbook again, and check off all the assessment statements. Rip out the pages for options we’re not studying. Recycle them.

9. Build libraries of the following:

– definitions and key terms (the marks are in the correct use of language, as shown by the markschemes)

– diagrams and labels

– calculations and examples

10. Pace yourself. Leaving your work until the last minute will not work. Just 6 weeks to go!

11. Teach each other, but do not be a parasite to your friends. If you can explain concepts to others and lead them to understand it, you are doing well.

12. Check out some review skills here.

13. Evaluate your revision techniques – just because you like it does not mean it works.

14. Don’t waste forever colouring in nice pictures of things you already know. Tackle the hard stuff. Learn!

Good luck!

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