Respirocytes: Nanobot Technology Aiding Respiration

I still can’t get my head around nanobots and mini-medicine: I think I was spoiled by watching ‘Innerspace’ at my seventh or eighth birthday party.  It’s amazing what can be done, and respirocytes are a great example.

Teaching idea: get your group to write a narrative for this short clip, outlining in brief how respirocytes work. They might want to import the clip into SMART Notebook and include more diagrams and the like in their presentation.

The Foresight Nanotech Institute has some good, though heavy, background information on the subject. It might also give some of the Bio/Phys fence-straddlers food for thought in their uni choices. I’d be interested to know what kinds of degree pathways bring you into this field – it seems to be where the money is. Biomedical Engineering? Medical Materials Engineering? Robotics?

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  1. Daniel Hazelton Waters

    In the year 2049 I will turn 70 years old. What kind of nanotech by that time is there going to be? I believe that it is going to be very interesting. I look foreword to augmented consciousness created using nanobots. Maybe being plugged in to a collective consciousness could preserve my mind even if my body fails. Fast foreword to some distant time when we can harness a temporal vortex using a quantum computer and end up with infinite capacity. Imagine loading the entire number pi or any other irrational number and doing calculations that can render entire universes of information. Living forever in just one moment. I cant wait until then…

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