Internal Assessment in IB Biology

Important note: these documents are used in my own classes, though are not official IB products. They are shared in good faith, but treat them with caution and due diligence. Teachers must always refer to the most up-to-date advice from the subject guides, subject reports on the OCC and experts in the subject. 

Tip: to print your completed rubric, first save as a pdf file- it doesn’t confuse the printers.

This version is submitted online to me by BIS students:

All assignments for BIS IB Biology must be submitted through Moodle, which is integrated with Turnitin.

There is a published set of IA guidance and sample assessed student work on the IB Biology Teachers Support Material page – which your teachers can access through the OCC. Occasional updates to the Triple A Learning IB Biology blog also address IA and assessment.



LabWrite is an online tool to help structure good-quality write-ups. Work through the steps of a lab report using this resource and check your report against the checklist and rubrics above. Does it help you work towards those ‘complete’ marks?


Make sure you pay attention to the IB’s:

Animal Experimentation Policy


More write-up resources that you might find useful:

If you join the Click4Biology Ning social site, there is a writing frame posted there by John Burrell.

Lab Skills, from the Open Door Website


Group 4 Project Page – click here


Other class rubrics. Please use these to continually self-assess your own progress.

Essential Biology Rubric – checked off each quarter to make sure you are on track.

Lab Book Rubric – checked off each quarter to make sure you are on track.

Attitudes in Science Rubric – self- and teacher-assessed to judge your effort and attitudes over the semester.


Lab Bank - crawl this way

Lab Bank


4PSOW in Excel (my version)

IB Biology Lab Bank Wikispace project (and please join in!)

Download the Turnitin GradeMark QuickMark comment databases that I use here. They correspond to the self-assessment codes in the rubric above, and will only work if your school subscribes to the full Turnitin WriteCycle suite.

Click for my QuickMark comments

Click for my QuickMark comments

  1. Stephen;

    I love this site AND your super IA-checklist!

    thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. I have found this rubric very helpful. Thanks- IA can be a formidable ‘beast’ for a new IB teacher. Thanks for making it more easily presented/teachable, mkillory

  3. Excellent website………….dont have words to express….
    question: from where I can download PSOW form……….

  4. Hi Stephen,

    Any chance you can email me. I am a new teacher and need some ideas for Labs and Activities. Do you have a list of what labs one should do. I am picking up a second year and first year class, each on two year cycles. I serve a low socioeconomic community with very few resources. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Your work on this site is amazing!

  5. Once again thank you for your insight, hard work, and generosity.

  6. Hi Stephen

    Thanks so much for so generously sharing your excellent work. Here goes a very useful webpage with heaps very well designed practicals: http://www.nuffieldfoundation.org/practical-work-learning

    Cheers from Australia!


  7. Stephen,
    What a great site! I am teaching IB Bio for my first time and your site has helped me so much! Thank you!


  8. Hi Stephen,

    I stumbled across your webpage accidentally and was really blown away. How long has it taken you to put everything together? I really wish I could do such for myself. Do you need IT knowledge is there a ready to use kind of software or website? I have some resources I have developed and collected over time and keep losing them each time my computer crashes or hard disc gets a virus. But above all this website has given me a big challenge that there is a lot I need to do to improve as a teacher. Please help!

    • Hi Albina,

      Thanks for the kind comment. There is about 6-7 years of work here, so be patient! My advice would be to put all your work online, using things like wordpress, wikispaces, google apps, slideshare. That way there’s always an online backup and the public version is the one that’t most up to date. DropBox is really useful, too.

      Good luck,


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