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Weezer – Pork and Beans (and Diet Coke and Mentos)

Viral Videos, a catchy chorus and beats so we can sing along.

Mybusters: Diet Coke and Mentos

I like Mythbusters – especially when some helpful soul cuts the experiments together into single clips, rather than having to flick through a whole episode. Thanks to dannynic from the TES Boards for this link.

I’ll get some more Mythbusters and Brainiac clips up soon – snowed under with student-led conferences at the moment.

Eepybird: Diet Coke and Mentos Geysers

Diet Coke and Mentos geyser world record:

The original Eepybird Diet Coke and Mentos video:

Here is their website: Eepybird


Thanks for all the support!

It’s been almost a year and 160 posts – wow. Not quite in the league of PerezHilton (7 million views per DAY!), or even BadScience, but a great experience so far.

For newbies and regulars, here’s a rundown of how the site works and a summary of recent changes and additions.

1. The two main points are: to post and tag useful, current or just plain cool Science videos, animations or interactive resources to help with learning in Science; and to post linklists and powerpoint presentations for students at BIS taking the IB Diploma Programme Biology course.

If you want to find a video or post about a topic, try the search box to the right. the results will give you all the posts related to that topic. Alternatively, look at the tag cloud and see if what you want is in there – the bigger the text, the greater the number of items. Here’s an example search result for ‘diet coke mentos‘.

2. IB students look to the right of the page – the links entitled IB DP Biology resources are general sources that are well worth bookmarking and keeping up with. Many of them are excellent overviews and sets of media for the relevant topics. The set entitled IB DP Biology Topics contains linklists and archived SlideShare presentations. As we get through the topics and the presentations are finalised, they’ll posted both on the blog and in that section.

3. The Top Science and TeacherTech sections are for Science news websites and resources that teachers might find useful with regard to using technology or the internet in Science.

4. The RSS feeds section is a series of news feeds from my favourite Science news sources. These are updated as soon as each source posts a new story and are well worth keeping up with. You can subscribe to these feeds yourself, if you want. You could even subscribe to this site by clicking here!

5. The last useful section is a feed for my bookmarks. If you’re not up to speed with social bookmarking yet, it’s time to get with the programme! This feed shows up anything that I tag with ‘science’. Watch the clip below to learn more about how social bookmarking works.

Now here’s a short clip of 5 things I love:

1. Mythbusters

2. CSI

3. Mythbusters on CSI

4. Mythbusters confirming a myth

5. Tazers

Eepybird are back – with a Rocket Car!

Eepybird, DietCoke and Mentos wizards, are back with their latest big-budget bubblicious adventure – a rocket car. There is a 3D version here, and remember – other diet sodas are also available.

It’s the Holidays

No posts for a while – taking the family back to the UK for baby’s first Christmas.

Here are the Eepybirders celebrating Christmas – Diet Coke and Mentos style.

Enjoy, have a good holiday and see you in the New Year.


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